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Our Brands

A Lovelinks piece is a timeless way to treasure the milestones and people most important to you. Choose a selection of beads based on your mood, occasion, season or style. By custom picking each bead you finish with a personalised piece of jewellery, where two are never the same. Lovelinks is a way to express yourself and to assert your individuality.
Skilfully crafted using only the finest materials, each piece embodies our high standards of quality, beauty and design. Bold elegant and characterised by timeless beauty we invite you to explore the world of Pastiche.
Hot Diamonds offers contemporary designs that are ageless and timeless in their appeal. The precious gift of a real diamond in every piece makes it a discerning choice for a self-treat or a gift to a loved one. Each stage in the design and development of Hot Diamonds jewellery is painstakingly undertaken, ensuring that craftsmanship and design integrity remain paramount.
Silverado invites you to create your own rhythm of life! The Silverado range allows you to build a piece of jewellery that tells your story of stories, passion and beauty, with a piece for every moment of your life forever. Our designer's passion and imagination continue to keep Silverado one of the world leaders in personalised design.